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When you get it TO-GO!, where does it go?


We all have a Kuleana (Responsibility) to take care of our Aina (Earth). One of the most important things we can do is to make informed choices.  Know what your products are made of; know where they come from, where they are going and how they effect our People & Planet. Together we can make positive improvements of our lifestyles to support the long-term Sustainability of our Community, Economy & Environment.  It‘s time for us all to be very conscious of the Ecological Footprint that we are leaving for our future generations.  Let’s encourage positive transformation though our daily choices and work together to improve how we live on our shared Earth.


Sustainable Island Products is providing this educational section of our website to support our Community to learn about important issues relating to Sustainability. Please check in often as we add content Or click the "RSS" feed ()  on the bottom right of our site to subscribe automatically.



Not all products are equal:

Why use Certified Compostable products from S.I.P. instead of the less expensive "Biodegradable" options offered by other vendors?


Not all products are created equal. At S.I.P. it is is our policy to offer third party certified compostable products. Sure, we could make more money on "green washing" non-compostable supplies, but why?! We are in business to promote the adoption of petroleum free products, composting those products to value added products like soil, and to promote local manufacture of compostable products. It simply isn't honest for any business to be representing "biodegradable" products as "green". This is mainly occurring in the area of utensil and hot container sales. Here's an article that highlights this point.